Have you attended a Rehearsal dinner for wedding?

September 1st, 2014

There are a lot of things we’re doing different to the typical in this wedding; however, some of them are things that I know are familiar to the hive, but didn’t even consider because they’re not used around here and we don’t feel like incorporating. “So there’s a party before the party?” Hey, I’m not judging—tradition here when I was wearing short dresses  is to have a party after the party—but I’ve never heard of a wedding rehearsal before and a dinner party the night before. The bride would be too busy freaking out. OK, some brides might be gracious enough not to freak out, but I’m sure I couldn’t bring myself to be nice and gracious and act composed the night before the wedding. Rehearsing? Yes, please, since we’re having a not-so-common ceremony and I might have to yell tell everyone what to do and how to do it.
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I love the pictures of sparkler exits. I big puffy heart love those pictures, but I must tell you there’s no way I’m leaving that reception before everyone else when I see other lady guests wearing short dresses—I might even be the last one to leave. I’ve never attended a wedding where the couple leaves early, and I’m almost sure people would get offended. I’ve found myself trying to explain these traditions to my friends and family, just for the fun of it, but other than we don’t feel like doing any of this. We might confuse some people. We never really considered doing any of this. Overall I’m relieved we won’t do any of these things. I can only imagine the stress of making a seating chart and trying to explain to your guests the cards in the middle of the event, and the extra money put into cards and save the dates, or trying to track back RSVPs.